Condos for Sale in Bricktown Oklahoma City

Condos for Sale in Bricktown Oklahoma City

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In the 1990s, mayor Ron Norick persuaded Oklahoma City residents to approve a series of tax incentives to lure new businesses, but these were not sufficient to create the Bricktown of today in OKC. A visit to Indianapolis, Indiana, which had recently beat the city in a competition for a new airline maintenance plant, led him to believe that Oklahoma City needed a vibrant downtown. It lacked the range of activities and amenities to attract more residents and visitors.

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Along with Greater Oklahoma City Chamber President Ray Ackerman, Norick and their staffs developed the Metropolitan Area Projects or MAPS, which approval led to the construction of the Bricktown ballpark and a tree-lined, mile-long canal through the district, as well as other projects in downtown. The ballpark opened in 1998 and the canal opened in July 1999. Water taxis carry visitors to different stops along the canal, including many restaurants, shops, and nightclubs.

Bricktown today is a huge tourist and revenue generator for Oklahoma City and a joy for visitors and residents of OKC. You'll find it easy to spend the day walking, dining, shopping and dancing the night away after hours at all the fun restaurants and attractions which have made Bricktown and OKC a winner in fun, frolic, dining, and entertainment!

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