Senior Living Downsizing Tips

Senior Living Downsizing Tips

Senior Real Estate Specialists Can Help 

Downsizing Made Easy with Valerie McEvoy SRES

 “Where is all this stuff going to go? This will never fit in a smaller home, let alone a smaller condo.”

I hear this question and too much stress from my Senior Independent Living clients when they decide it's time to move closer to family, downsize, make a move to a Senior Living community, and they just don't know where to start with all the 'stuff' they have accumulated over a long lifetime of living.

Tips to help Seniors downsize
Don’t give up yet! Helping Senior home sellers to downsize and get rid of some bigger items can be a lot easier than you think. Here are some tips to help simplify the process.

Stay on task and on schedule
When my client begins thinking about downsizing, it’s important to help them stay on task and adhere to a specific timeline or checklist. It’s easy to procrastinate and wait until the last minute to worry about where all that stuff is going to go once moving day comes. However, the longer you put it off, the more stressful things can get.

Plan for the new space
To begin, I plan ahead by helping my client figure out how much space will be available in their new home. I want to see if they have a floorplan available that we can take a look at. An idea of how much space my client will have can help narrow down which items will make the move with them.

Use a tagging system to categorize items
From there, I work with my client to separate and tag the items that will stay behind into different categories. What items can be donated? What items will be sold? What items can go to children or other family members? Creating a tagged system like this can streamline the downsizing process and will help keep my client organized.

I Stay Empathetic!
While helping them figure out which items will go where try and stay empathetic. Many people attach memories to their belongings, making it hard for them to say goodbye. What may look like a piece of junk to you, may have sentimental value to your client. I keep their feelings in mind as I help them make tough decisions.

Help get belongings where they need to go

Once my client has finished deciding on where everything will go, it’s time to get everything to its respective place or new owner. My Senior client may have family members or friends nearby that will be willing to assist with getting these items where they need to go, but in the case that they do not,  I consider helping them hire a downsizing professional or moving company to take on the burden of transporting everything.

As an SRES®Member I have access to different business partners, such as Everything but the House, that will do just that, creating a stress-free move for all involved.

As space clears up in my client’s home and moving day approaches, they’ll be thankful that they had an SRES®agent like me to help them navigate through the downsizing process. And who knows, you may just get a referral or two out of it as well!

Do you know a Senior who needs a Senior Real Estate Specialist to help them navigate the process of selling their home and making the move to a new home?

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