HD Whitehall Addition - Text

Welcome to Wonderful Whitehall!

          Our social committee asked people to get involved by participating in our"Get To Know Your Neighbor" campaign. This is a series of block parties hosted by various Whitehall neighbors to improve our community spirit and make new friends.  Linda Dunn volunteered to host the first block party at her house.  While we were planning the party together we found out that we had a lot in common.  We both love reading, travel, photography, art and animals!  She also has a very interesting windchime collection on her back porch!  Linda has a beautiful house and we really enjoyed looking at her art collection.  Linda told us about the time she met Elvis and watched him sing backstage!  She provided lots of great wine, music and food.  One couple brought freshly made spring rolls that were outrageously good! We all had a blast and look forward to the next party!  Check-out the video!