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Valerie McEvoy


My Tips for Buying and Selling Oklahoma Real Estate

Buying a Home in Oklahoma?

If you are buying a home in Oklahoma City, then you will want to do your research on the best action to take when you buy your home.

Below are some initial tips to get you started on selecting some of the great properties I have on my site:

Finding a good neighborhood

Anyone will tell you that buying a home in a good neighborhood is essential. But what things go into making one neighborhood more desirable than another? Aside from an intangible feeling about a place, there are a number of qualities that set some neighborhoods apart, such as:

Doing thorough neigborhood research is critical if you truly want your home to fit your needs. Here are some basic strategies:

Call City Hall

You may like an area now, but you could feel differently if a football stadium or six-lane highway will be your future neighbor. Check with local officials on the zoning of neighborhoods and the likelihood of any substantial public projects. Large projects such as major road construction are planned years in advance.

Resale Potential

Though appreciation can be an impossible thing to predict, it's good to at least try to determine a home's resale potential. Slow selling homes may just be a function of the current market, but they could also indicate problems (or perceived problems) with the neighborhood that could affect resale. Check for any information on new industries or companies moving to the area in the future that could lead to housing demand later. As your Realtor, I have detailed pricing and valuation information on all Oklahoma City residential neighborhoods. Whether you choose to live in Gaillardia, Nichols Hills, Edmond, Bricktown, Norman, or any of our quality neighborhoods, you can rest assured you will have the most complete information available on our market to make an educated Real Estate decision.

Do the Footwork

Probably the most important step in researching neighborhoods is to get a first-hand look. Talk to residents, visit local schools, businesses, and parks, and get to know your way around. If you plan on using public transportation, see what options are available. Be sure to visit the neighborhood at several different times of day. Three quick ways to scope out a neighborhood:

In the end your impression of a neighborhood will largely be an emotional reaction. By researching the facts and future of a given neighborhood, you'll ensure that your hunches are well informed. Please contact me if you need a detailed analysis of your needs as a Buyer or Seller so that you can have access to the most up to date and comprehensive information.

Buying a Home in Oklahoma?

Use the tips listed above to make the best choices on buying your new home!