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Valerie McEvoy


Homes for Sale Oklahoma City

Why Buy a Home in Oklahoma City?

Is buying a home in Oklahoma City a good move for first time home buyers?

Home Buyers are out in force this Fall! Why is buying a home in Oklahoma City such a hot deal right now?

As a professional Oklahoma City real estate agent, I am busier than ever helping first time home buyers buy their dream home. Oklahoma City is a great place to buy a home. As an experienced 'Buyer's Agent' for home buyers in the Oklahoma City real estate market, I know personally why OKC is a great place to buy a home. Here are some reasons why so many home buyers love buying their dream homes in Oklahoma City:

  • Home Prices: Home values are stable and improving in Oklahoma City. With our strong energy sector and the fact that Oklahoma City real estate never had the wild speculative price issues of many other areas of the country, buying a home in Oklahoma City is a good move financially. Solid and improving home values make OKC a great place to buy a home.
  • Home Affordability: Oklahoma City homes are affordable and of good quality. Buying a home in Oklahoma City is surprisingly affordable. My out of state home buyer clients who are moving to OKC are always surprised how much home they can get for their home buying dollar.
  •  Extremely Low Mortgage Rates: Even though mortgage rates have ticked up recently, you can't beat these low home loan rates. With our in house home loan program here at RE/MAX Preferred Properties, you will see that qualifying for a home loan is a simple process. Also, understanding how low your home loan rates are helps make buying a home a simple decision. Renting is throwing your money away. Buy a home at the right price and with a low mortgage rate and you will come out ahead.
  • Bargain Homes: Finding a bargain home or as some call them, a distressed property is still achievable. With the assistance of an experienced home buyer's agent, you can find some great deals on some fixer upper homes in Oklahoma City. Just make sure that you go into the transaction of buying a foreclosure or distressed property with good guidance from a REALTOR® who understands how to achieve success in this type of home buying transaction.
  • Pride of Home Ownership and Home Value: A home is the biggest purchase most people ever make. But deciding whether and what to buy isn't purely a financial decision. When you own a home, you can control your living environment and security, upgrade and change your home as you see fit, and create a sense of connection in your community. Owning your own home allows you the lifestyle freedom and lifestyle choices to make your most important life purchase, your own! Building equity in your home from your ongoing home payments and home improvements will most certainly create a better future for you and your family.

Buying a home is one of the smartest decisions you will make in your life!

Still on the fence about buying a home in Oklahoma City?

Shop carefully, use the services of an experienced real estate buyer's agent and do your own research at quality comprehensive real estate sites and then proceed. Always use an experienced REALTOR® and do your due diligence. You'll find the options and choices of homes for sale in Oklahoma City to be a much easier road to navigate with good assistance and information from a good REALTOR®.

Questions on homes for sale in Oklahoma City and buying your dream home? Call me at 405-414-5022 or connect with me at valeriemcevoy@remax.net.