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Buying a Home in OKC? | Five Good Reasons You Should Buy!

   Buying a Home in OKC?

If you're looking to buy a home, you might get confused with all the information and advice online and in your day to day life. Buying a home IS a GOOD move in your life. But what are the primary reasons on why buying your own home is a smart move for you?

Homeownership Pride: If you have been renting, then you know the feeling your get when you walk through a neighborhood and see homeowners out in their yard, making improvements, enjoying their neighbors and their home community. You can see that homeowners enjoy a feeling of place and ownership. They can make improvements on their OWN property. They can entertain and improve their home for friends and family and not have to check with a landlord or with rental regulations on what they can and cannot do in their own home.They bought their home and they own it! The pride of home ownership is paramount in home buyers minds when they set out to buy a home and become homeowners.

Home Value Appreciation: All business, life and real estate moves in cycles. But if you are a homeowner, the odds are on your side for price appreciation in your home. Of course, you always want to use a qualified local Realtor to help you buy your home. A 'Buyer's Agent' Realtor can assist you and advocate for you to get the best price deal going into a home purchase. If you are smart and educated when making the offer on your dream home, you will stand in a strong position to enjoy price appreciation in home value the longer you own your home.

Tax Deductions: Mortgage Interest Deductions and property tax deductions make house payments much more tolerable when you have our financial adviser or accountant run the numbers on home ownership as opposed to renting. Your rent money is money down the drain. The government has a vested interest in you owning your own home. They create a more favorable financial situation for you by allowing you to deduct the tax and mortgage costs associated with your home and house payments. Buy your home for your use and enjoyment, but don't forget about the financial advantages to making those house payments instead of making rent payments.

Home Equity Loans: Did you know that your consumer loans and credit card interest is NOT deductible? Have you reviewed the high interest that you pay for credit cards and some consumer loans? Home equity loans are a much better deal for you. If you choose to buy a home, you will find access to home equity loans, particularly later as you own the home and build up some equity. The larger the down payment you make creates instant home equity. When you consider buying your home, take note of this home buying advantage.

Buy Your Home for Use and Enjoyment: When you buy a home, your use and enjoyment, your living experience is also a value. You can choose how your decorate, when you entertain, your landscaping options, your bedrooms, media room and living area configuration. When you buy a home, you are making the decision to give yourself the freedom to live your life your way. Buy a home for financial value, but never forget the intangible values of quality of life, good friends and neighbors, outdoor living and patio lifestyle, pools and play areas for the pets and kids. Buying a home in Oklahoma City is SMART!

Buy a Home in Oklahoma City!

If you're buying a home in Oklahoma City, then understand the benefits of owning your own home.

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